The website

PeakBucket isn't just another online summit log; it's an activity tracking website that's been crafted to meet the specialized needs of modern peakbaggers. Everybody has peaks and lists; here are a few additional things that PeakBucket has to offer:

More than peaks

Our activity-based platform enables you to record common GPS statistics, including distance and elevation gain (in your units of choice), along with the peaks you summit.

Not just one-and-done

Whether your goal is to finish that list once or twelve times, our completion styles will automatically track your progress against all season, winter, four season and grid finishes.

Track & Analyze

We've built PeakBucket so you can dive deep into your activity and list progress data in ways that are quick, easy and completely customizable.

Connect & Share

Whether you want to keep your activity private, share it with a few friends or open it up to the world, we've made it easy to do so on PeakBucket and other websites.

On the go access

PeakBucket's responsive platform provides a seamless user experience on most mobile phones and tablets with a data connection so you can track, analyze and share your activity closer to the mountains.

The users

532 users and counting...

The creators


Colin Cummings

Colin is a mountaineer and web application developer from New England. PeakBucket brings together two of his passions: mountains and data visualization.


Max Arturo Alcalá Sáinz

Max loves data, and data loves him back. He enjoys coding, reverse-engineering recipes and the outdoors (despite his lousy peakbagging record).

The technology

Underneath the hood, PeakBucket is powered by some sweet open-source technology, including: